Best UK Public Universities For Bachelor's Degree

Best UK Public Universities For Bachelor’s Degree

Best UK Public Universities For Bachelor’s – Undoubtedly, most best Universities in the world are located on the soil of the United Kingdom. This points out the fact that a degree of Bachelor’s from the United Kingdom is highly respected all over the world.

We are to list the best Universities in the UK for a Bachelor’s degree that looks absolutely impressive on a CV and also expedite the rate of job searching having completed as a candidate in any of the best Universities.


UK Bachelor’s degrees are awarded to candidates in the field such as BSc, or Bachelor of Science, BA or Bachelor of Arts, LL.B. or Bachelor of Law, and B.BA or Bachelor of Business among others.

These universities are among the best UK public universities for Bachelor’s degrees and have a strong reputation for providing high-quality education.

In this article, we will take a look at the top UK public universities for bachelor and the various programs they offer.

Well, here are the top ten best UK Public Universities for Bachelor’s degrees;


Oxford University still maintains its reputation as the oldest English University on the globe. According to some historians, teaching began at the University of Oxford in the year 1096 of the 11th century.

Globally, Oxford University maintains its spot as the best University as far as the global university ranking is concerned. Oxford remains the best University according to these organizations, QS World University Ranking, US News & World Report ranking, and the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

Talking of the home of the library, Oxford can’t be left out with its extensive library system in the UK.

University of Cambridge

The fourth oldest University in the world is the University of Cambridge. Employers are always seeking to have employees have their education at the University of Cambridge.

The university’s alumni are scattered all over the globe impacting hugely the livelihoods of others and their country as a whole.

Meanwhile, the University in 2021 had a 2nd position in the QS World University Rankings.



Doing away with engineering courses at Imperial College London is something you can’t afford. Imperial College is also among the Universities with research at heart.

Imperial college remains the most culturally diversified University in the world due to its students and staff coming from over 140 countries. At the level of undergraduate studies, the University offers more than 100 courses for students.


Surprisingly, the University College London is the 3rd largest University and it falls under the best Universities in the UK and this is with regards to the total number of students currently having their studies in the University.

UCL happens to be the maiden University in the United Kingdom to utilize an A-grade level for enrollment in its famous courses like Law, Economics, Medicine Theoretical Physics, Mathematics, European Social and Political Studies, and Psychology.


In 1582, this very scholarship was instituted. It, however, is known to be the 6th oldest University in Scotland, and its most recognized by candidates having their best Bachelor’s degree.


Among the best Universities in the UK is the University of Manchester which is funded by the government. In 2004, the University of Manchester combined the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology and the Victoria University of Manchester.


As the name goes, Kings College was established by King George IV and Arthur Wellesley in 1829. This very University also forms part of the list of the best UK Universities that offers bachelor’s degree to applicants.


The London School of Economics and Political Science is aimed at providing students with intensified research theories and innovative ideas.


The performance of Students from Warwick University in the job market apparently creates a clear indication that indeed Warwick has good lectures that inculcate positive theory into the minds of their students.



The University which started its studies with 99 students has been named among the best 10 Universities in the UK. Bristol University is also the only first University to have admitted females. Interestingly, the University used to teach its students two professors and five lectures in the year 1876.

Frequently Asked Questions On Best UK public universities for Bachelor’s Degree

Which Degree is most in demand in the UK?

Medicine & Dentistry, Veterinary Science, Allied Medicine subjects, Education, Architecture, Law, and Biological science
What are the things to consider when choosing a University?
Before any applicants attempt to apply for a scholarship in any University in the United Kingdom, he/she must first consider the following;
  • Safety
  • Academic Support and Career Services
  • Campus Life
  • Athletics and Extracurricular activities
  • Majors and minors
  • Class size
  • Cost fees
  • Location and Distance from home

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In this post, we outlined the 10 best Universities in the United Kingdom that offer Bachelor’s degrees in various courses to candidates/students.