Motivational Letter for a Bursary Application

A motivational application letter is very similar to a Curriculum Vitae cover letter as it states your goals, accomplishments as well as a brief description of your credentials- this is essential as it can put you ahead of your competition.

It is vital that you genuinely and honestly show your need for financial aid in your bursary letter, explaining how the award would help fund your education. The companies offering the programmes use these letters to decide on a suitable recipient and base their choice on need, merit, or both, depending on the specific requirements the bursary has.


Top tips for writing a Bursary Motivational Letter

  • Be genuine when describing your financial need
  • Be sure to include both the institution and course you are in
  • Describe the goals you have (educational and future career prospects)
  • Make the letter personal and not generic
  • Ensure the recipient that you will meet all the requirements of the programme
  • Use language that is professional and polite
  • Be sure to include your necessary academic results and documents
  • Enclose both the application form and its supporting documents
  • Keep a formal tone with all your content
  • Be precise

How to write a Motivational Letter for a Bursary Application