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How to elevate the living standard? Part-2

Conscience is the first means of elevating life. That is to say, you should try to save more. More than this, it is necessary that whatever we get should be spent in discretion. Get the most out of every penny. Indians are suffering the most due to indiscretion.



Education should be increased. It is necessary to get knowledge of the Arthashastra. Education of industry businesses should be managed. Every woman and woman should be made industrialists, not allowed to sit idly or in the curtain. Women should do domestic business such as spinning, weaving, dyeing, reading, writing, sew, thread, cut, etc. Some may also work outside. In Teej festivals, marriages, deaths, and litigation, liquor and cheap chattars should be spent on dexterity items by saving money from gimmicks.


False pretense of luxury fashion should be removed from society. And spending on solid nutritious food items, ventilated houses, education, health etc.


Simple life and high thought – According to this rule, the life of society should be molded. As 2 austerity and simplicity will be accepted, adequate food, clothes, education will be received, our standard will be elevated. Frugality should naturally become a part. The necessary expenses should be spent on them, wasteful expenditure and luxury should not be satisfied.


The less the rupee is received, the more wisely the budget should be spent on life-saving materials, then reputation-protectors and skill-saving materials. The family budget should be very carefully made with discretion. The amount of savings should be set aside in advance.