Life as an entity when giving an intense thought turns magical. Knowing very well that anything that exhibits magical behavior cannot be predicted, so life, since it origin seems magical. The route that life takes is quite sinusoidal. It can be smooth, rough or anything in between. We cannot come out with a mathematical formula …

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The principle of self-healing Part-2

Ummadatta Pandey has divided self-cultivation into the following parts. 1-voluntary, 2-involuntary, 3-voluntary involuntary. It is a self-indication to instruct oneself appropriately for work, thing or thing. These signs of ours directly affect the secret mind. These signals evoke amazing reactions and rebuild the personality. Signs can change from nature to fear, fear of ghosts and …

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Be your own doctor

The best you can understand your own mind, its weaknesses, weaknesses, shortcomings or tendencies can be identified by any other doctor. The doctor may not be able to tell you his secret secrets, but you can understand them properly and you can also solve them with your meditation information, beliefs, logic and study powers. As …

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The difference between austerity and miserliness

The only way to get rid of the current economic crisis is austerity. It was born along with civilization, humans came to know of this great quality when they got ‘tomorrow’s concern’ with today’s satisfaction. Frugality is born before the birth of Mudra. ‘Frugality’ means personal economy. It includes household income, savings, and keeping something …

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