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The practical use of austerity

The practical use of austerity is not difficult. Spend less than what you earn. It is advisable to deposit as much as possible in advance at the Post Office Savings Bank. Even if there is only one rupee, do away with yourself on the first date of the remaining month. Keep as close as necessary to the expenditure.

Buy every item in cash, it will keep you aware of how much money has been spent, how much is left. Remember to run the work from that remaining rupee, remember this. He who gives his debt, does not take, is rich.


Until the money comes from someone in your pocket, do not think of spending them. As soon as you start the business, you will start earning, as soon as you give money on interest, interest will start coming, after renting the house, you will become rich from the rent, job has been made, now you will continue to earn – these things are uncertain. Every day there may be a new financial bottleneck facing you. A little foolishness in business can lead to loss of millions, there may be many reasons for the rupee to sink in interest, the tenant may run away without paying rent, and the job can be missed any day. Everything is uncertain. Therefore, the money you have in your hand, consider it as yours, be ready to spend it, keep hope on it. One should be most uncertain about the rupee. Profit, profit, interest money, house rent is uncertain, but the borrowed rupee will remain on the head like an old man in the story of Singhvad.

A golden formula of domestic austerity is to keep a clean account. Whatever you spend, even if it is a penny, must enter it. Write down your income. Keeping a record of income expenditure is the best way to avoid wasteful expenditure. A smart person can understand their future requirements by their budget and previous calculations. His household budget is balanced. His expenditure is less than the income.

John Wesley continued in this order. Although his income was low, he always kept a sharp eye on his income-expenditure. A year before his death, he wrote with a trembling hand in his diary – “In the past years I have kept a balanced balance of my income and expenditure. Now in future I do not want to let this work process continue because now frugality has become a part of my habit and nature. Whatever I have saved, it has been due to the habit of austerity. ‘

Your wife will also have to be frugal, reducing the content of her beauty, hobbies and luxury. In fact, the responsibility of the wife is more than the husband. Many things are wasted in the house, which can save many days and work by saving. Food is overcooked and destroyed, clothes are stitched with benap, clothes are smeared and re-torn, fakirs are donated heaps, pilgrimages, deceased rites, pandas priests, liars Show off, and especially make ornaments – is spent in a peep. Seeing each other’s clothes and jewelery, women are quickly tempted and pressurize their husbands with debt. In an unsuccessful attempt to please women, thousands of people have been destroyed and have changed their household into hell. Always be reluctant to make jewelry. It is best to postpone it. Many financial difficulties can be avoided by showing financial hardship to the wife and showing the budget. Please give account in wife’s hand. Make a budget with that only. Then if the salary ends on the 25th, then let him experience the financial crisis with you. She will learn a new lesson from economic bitterness. The household in which women are frugal and sensible, hard-working, courteous, and simple-minded beauty is as beautiful as heaven. Expensive wife, rich house wife, is a dangerous thing for poor husband. The daughters of the big house are fashionistas, indiscreet, lazy, open-handed spenders. They become a headache for the poor husband.