The principle of self-healing Part-2

Ummadatta Pandey has divided self-cultivation into the following parts. 1-voluntary, 2-involuntary, 3-voluntary involuntary. It is a self-indication to instruct oneself appropriately for work, thing or thing. These signs of ours directly affect the secret mind. These signals evoke amazing reactions and rebuild the personality. Signs can change from nature to fear, fear of ghosts and ghosts can be overcome. Mr Ummadatta comes to the following conclusions through his experiences-

1. Until our mind can fully accept any information, it cannot take real form. The signal should be accepted.


2. Every emotion that comes to our mind, if it takes the unconscious instinct of difference, then it becomes a permanent instinct of our life. Voluntary self-indication is the name of this custom.

3. In short, there are only two things in self-expression. (A) Entering the emotions in the mind of the patient and (B) Taking the unconscious instinct of inner and realizing them. Both these things are completed by the unconscious mind.

The secret of the success of the psychiatrist is that he gets his signals taken by the unconscious instinct of the soul. If we learn to receive (which will be achieved through long term practice), then we have covered the whole path. The belief in self-information, the unconscious instinct of the inner soul accepts them only after their true predominance instinct is completely fixed in it. The contempt or eclipse of the external feeling is dependent on the tendency of conscience. If there is a doubt in the information, then how can the patient feel a sense of health? Therefore, while giving all the doubts while giving information, in full faith, forcefully anti-conscious, contrary to the opponents, should accept their favored spirit by subliminal instincts of the inner being.

Use of self-indication

In self gesture, the patient signs himself. He does not take the signs of others, makes the signs himself, pronounces them and gets them through the unconscious instinct of Antas. He stimulates his faith and faith. The signs he utters, over time they become special parts of his nature and he becomes disease free. To take full advantage of this method, read our famous book ‘Mahan Jagran’.


We are not the body, but the soul. There is divine power in us, this is our ultimate holy place, this is the inexhaustible store of complete health, peace and happiness. If we make every wish, thought, emotions completely obedient to the divine power of this conscience, then we can remain healthy. When a man takes refuge in a higher power-conscience, and constantly delights in it, then all his worries and illnesses are removed. As man’s reverence becomes firm in his holy soul, the incorporeal soul, as he becomes stronger in power, he enters into a higher mind.