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The principle of self-healing Part-1

Modern psychologists Messmer Janey, Freud Adalat, Jung, Q have placed a strong emphasis on introspection. The monsoon in the hands of these madams is now a scientific fact. The system inaugurated after years of research by eminent doctor Emily Q. Saheb of France is well known and millions of people are benefiting from it. Bruce Sir has done a very beautiful analysis of Emily Saheb. Therefore, we will present here the findings of his experiences and psychological experiments.

Psychopathic information and self-notification are done through these two routes. In this, the place of intelligence is more elevated. The effect of self-knowledge is also more intense and everlasting.


Q Sir’s system of treatment-

First of all, Sir, a moderate adult is oriented towards a thin person. It has become a serious disease of neuralgia. With great difficulty, it can move but still its hands and feet tremble badly. He got up with difficulty with the help of a stick and walked four and six steps, yet his knees were bent and his leg would slide off the ground. Q sahib, you are good. You had kept your secret mind filled with weakness, despair, fear, etc., due to which your condition was over. Now you have started filling pure emotions against them from today, this will make you good soon. The power that made you sick can also do you good. You did not know how to use it. These signs had a surprising effect and the man’s bent knees started functioning again.

On the same day, the same day, a girl suffering from Manjatantu’s weakness came to Qa Saheb. That day was his third day. She had been practicing signs at home for 10 days. He smiled and said that he had benefited a lot. After listening to his words, there was a communication of new life confidence and reverence among the patients. Three humans came from Paris who could not walk without the help of wood. A goldsmith came with him, whose right hand did not rise above the shoulders for 10 years. Q Sahib indicated all this by stimulating the power of inner being and freed the disease.

In addition to this, Q Sahib explained the principle of self-healing to the patients and showed them by proving evidence not for a few patients. In a nutshell, he said – (1) Every emotion whose contemplation causes our mind to become completely engulfed – produces a change in our physical, physical or mental state. (2) The more we try to overcome that feeling, the more strongly its roots are gathered.

Q sahib used to have two types of signs. After all, general information for all patients, after that, they used to treat each patient by giving special information to his patient respectively. Their system is self-reported. He used to give various types of information for all diseases and healed the patients well. Those information awakens the patients’ sleeping faith, reverence for their powers, and they become well.