How To Create North West University NWU Student Number

How To Create North West University- NWU Student Number

In this post, we are going to show you How To Create North West University NWU Student Number.

For every prospective student looking at applying for admission at the North West University – NWU, You need an NWU Student Number.


To have a successful application, you must create and have your own student number and receive a pin.

If you are yet to begin your application, you must see this complete guide on NWU Online Application 2023.

Note that, it is impossible to make your application without a student number. That is why it is important to know how to get one.

Let’s go through the process.

What Is My NWU Student Number?

My North-West University (NWU) student number is the unique generated for students in the university as well as prospective students coming to NWU.

What Is North West University Student Number Used For?

As a student or prospective NWU student, your student number is used for almost every academic activity in the school.

Prospective students will need your student number for your North West University Online Application. 

The student number for NWU students is also the unique identification number found on all official student documents.

How Do I Create NWU Student Number?

The process for creating a student number for NWU online application is very simple. Follow the steps outlined below to create your NWU Student Number.

  • Go to
  • Click on New Application
  • Click on Create New Student Number
  • Complete all the fields with the required information
  • Click Next
  • You will be given your unique NWU student number and Pin in your email
  • Use your North-West University Number and Pin to complete your online application
How To Create North West University NWU Student Number
How To Create North West University NWU Student Number

Once you are presented with the page as seen in the image above, fill in the correct details and Click NEXT to access the next page.

Note that if you fail to put in the right information in the right field, you will not be able to get your student number for the NWU application.

The next page will generate a North-West University student number as seen in the image below. This is the student number for you to use for your NWU online application.


How To Create North West University NWU Student Number

At this point, you will receive both your North West University – NWU Pin and Student Number. This number must be kept very well for future use and reference.

How Do I Find My NWU Student Pin/Number?

Your NWU student pin/number will be sent to your email accounts inbox. It is important that you use the correct email address when creating a student number.

If you fail to receive the student number from the North West University, it could mean that you did not provide the correct email address. The page in your email will look like what is shown in the image below…

NWU Student Pin/Number In Email

Should you at any point forget your NWU Student number or PIN, you can retrieve it. See this guide on How To Recover Forgotten NWU Student Number.

North West University students can have their fees paid for them by NSFAS. To do this you must see this guide on How To Apply For NSFAS.

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