Requirements For NSFAS Online Application

Requirements For NSFAS Online Application 2022

Wondering what are the Requirements For NSFAS Online application? You should know the requirements for NSFAS Online Application so that your application will go through.

You should know that, if you don’t meet the NSFAS online application requirements, you cannot complete your application hence, you won’t get funding from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme.


In this post, you will get to know the requirements for NSFAS online application and what will get you started to apply for NSFAS.

Requirements For NSFAS Online Application

Below are the requirements you’ll need to apply for NSFAS successfully.

  1. A Cell Phone Number that you own
  2. An email address
  3. Copy of your Identification Document (ID) or Birth Certificate (if applicable)
  4. Copy of your parents or guardian Identification Document (ID)
  5. Prove household income (your parent or guardian if applicable)
  6. Applicants with a disability must submit a Disability Annexure Form
  7. Non-SASSA applicants will provide copies of parent’s ID or Spouse or Legal Guadian
  8. Applicants recognized as Vulnerable Child by the Department of Social Development will need to provide a signed Vulnerable Child Declaration FormImportant Links

Can I Apply For NSFAS Without Providing The Requirements?

No, you cannot complete your NSFAS online application without providing all the requirements for the application

Applying for NSFAS on online application is in stages. You have to complete every stage when applying for NSFAS funding.

So, you cannot skip a stage to the other. This means you must provide all information required at each stage of your application.

Where To Apply For NSFAS?

  1. Go to
  2. You’ll have to create a MyNSFAS Account
  3. Follow the application process to apply online

Is NSFAS Online Application Opened?

NSFAS online application opens on 2 November 2022 and closes on 7 January 2023.

Students are urged to apply as early as possible before the application closing date whiles they prepare their requirements for NSFAS online application.

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