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Mind-abstinence: the key to success

As inflation increases, you keep filling fat-2 requirements and discarding artificial needs. Work hard yourself, abandon laziness and find effort. Your secret ability is capable of doing a lot. Remember, human needs are infinite, they are difficult to count. Everything is impossible to fulfill. Some will have to be discarded. Therefore, according to your economic ability, keep cutting your needs. There are many desires that cannot be fulfilled, such as the desire for wealth, the desire for authority, the desire to acquire a house or more land. It is impossible to satisfy the desire for beauty. There are many requirements that complement each other. If you take a fountain pen, you will have to take the same ink, play tennis, you will have to take the ball, oil with the stove, etc. There should be a lot of thinking about this.

To increase needs with dignity is the name of desperation and sorrow, by fulfilling them by reducing them one gets happiness and satisfaction. Man is not satisfied with the same kind of happiness. Hence, dissatisfaction always remains. That dissatisfaction is condemnable in which a person keeps on crying day and night to get something, and if he does not get dissatisfied, unhappy, and sad.


The desires will increase after one. If one need is fulfilled, then two new requirements will come and be present. Therefore, a wise man should keep a tight control on his needs. Thus a special Mind-abstinence is needed to tie the requirements within the limits.

The statement of a thinker is- ‘The person who wants to get maximum satisfaction and happiness, it is very important to subdue his mind and senses.’ If we find ourselves in craving and lust, then our dissatisfaction will be limitless. ‘

Many temptations quickly subdue us, we forget our income and become subjugated to them. Later weeping shouts. The joys of entertainment, entertainment and fun of the tongue keep us in control. We lose the mind of the cinema as soon as we see the glamorous advertisement, and even if we are hungry all day, we spend a lot of money. In all of these we have a great need for Manonigrah Restrain your mind. Keep lusts under control, do not keep money in pocket. You will see that you will be able to keep the senses under control.

Economically, the value of Mind-abstinence and control is more than Lakh. A man who is his master and runs the senses at will not lose with lust, he is always happy.

Temptation is like a strong wind that has the power to bring down a strong character even if he is not alert. A person who is always aware can remain free from the temptations, falsehood, pretence, tiptops of the world. If once you are a victim of temptation and lust, then it will take years to atone for it.