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What Types Of Benefits Are Approved By The UIF?

What Types Of Benefits Are Approved By The UIF? Knowing the types of benefits that are approved by the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) as a client or non-client is very important.

Many have raised concerns about whether UIF pays benefits to all types/categories of UIF benefits.


The Unemployment Insurance Fund has so many benefits to that effect. The benefits involved as far as the fund is concerned to have had so many meaningful impacts on the livelihood of citizens of South Africa.

Casual and non-casual workers who pay their quota to the fund have had incredible result positively that has impacted their lives.

Many are of the view that casual workers are not entitled to pay UIF contributions but that is far from the real fact.

According to the Labour commission that supervises UIF, casual workers who work more than 24 hours in a month must pay their contribution to the fund to avoid any sort of hardships in the near future.

In spite of that, employers who refuse to pay UIF contributions to their employees breach the labour law hence any employer who does that might face the law.

Now lets move to the types of benefits that are approved by the Unemployment Insurance Fund and other frequently asked questions.

What Types Of Benefits Are Approved By The UIF?

The following are the types of benefits that are approved by the fund.

  1. Unemployment Benefits
  2. Illness Benefits
  3.  Maternity Benefits
  4. Adoption Benefits
  5. Dependent Benefits
  6.  Loss of part of your income

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many months will UIF pay?

UIF pay when you have full credit days. A day credit is received by a contributor for every four days that a contributor works.

How many times does UIF payout?

You should start earning something after eight weeks of registering. Your money will then be paid every four weeks.

Does UIF Pay a lump sum?

Yes, this is calculated depending on the issue at hand and the number of years you have contributed to the fund.

How To Register For UIF Online?

Now let us go through the processes of registering for UIF online without visiting any nearby labour office for manual assistance. 

  1. Select “Registration/register”  after you visit the menu on the left of the uFiling screen.
  2. Register as a commercial employer or a domestic employer. Complete the rest of the form as you follow the prompts.
  3. After these steps, you would receive UIF registration confirmation once registration is completed.

From here, you are good to go without walking any step to the labour office.


How To Check Your UIF Claim Status Online?

Checking your UIF claim status online is done in two folds that are by using the old method or by using the new method.

The old method of checking your UIF deals with visiting any nearby labor office in your neighborhood to check your claim status.

As we say culture is dynamic, and the world has also turned into a global village of which your claim status can be checked by just a click away.

Here is how to check your UIF claim status online;

  1.  Log onto the official UIF website at www.uFiling.co.za status check
  2.  Click on the check my status icon
  3.  Follow the prompts
  4.  Enter the captcha figures displayed on the screen
  5.  Enter your UIF reference number at the final stage to check your claim status

Note that after all these steps are concluded, you would receive a notification on your phone displaying your UIF claim status.

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We assume this post has been helpful as we were able to take you through the types of benefits that are approved by UIF and other frequently asked questions.