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Ways to avoid financial difficulties

There are two main ways to avoid financial difficulties – (1) Increase your income. Do more than the effort and hard work you are doing at this time. New business, odd jobs, help others, work in other correspondence, type work, work in newspaper offices, teach children, shop in small shops, work in night schools, or in cinema. Make maximum efforts for money, make plans.

(2) The second solution is to reduce the necessities of life for which money is needed. The less the requirements, the more power you will be able to save. This remaining power can have many uses. The lower the income, the less your requirements should be. Pride, luxury, and luxury must be discarded.


The working people often earn very much, but since they do not reduce the requirements in proportion to the income, they look poor. Often, the habit of drinking money, and spending money in a budget, annihilate them. They are sicker, their laziness presses more, their household is messy and their daily work is busy. Their physical and mental condition is thinkable. If they practice a little restraint and enlightenment and lead a simple life, they can be quite prosperous. The practice of austerity can give them a higher life.

Those who ‘We cannot save money.’ Inflation kills, they say, they do not really want to reduce their artificial requirements, nor do they want to increase the income in proportion to the rising value of goods with more effort and hard work. How is it a matter of grief that we have increased our personal expenditure more than our requirement and income.

Remember, when you spread the opposite hand of another for a rupee, you want to grab the other’s wages. At the same time, they also sell their self-respect, masculinity, honor, happiness to others. Asking reveals your character’s weakness and lowliness. Asking is from every point of view. A gentleman will spend the day starving, but will not spread anyone’s opposite hand. Those who spend money in festivals and fairs by borrowing money, they commit great atrocities with them.

The income of laborers and general category people is often considerable. If they have the will power, they can lead a life of respect like middle class distinguished citizens. Who deprives them of rising up? The reason is that they do not use their spare time in the development of their brain, learning new things. They have enough money. They have to learn the difference between self-sensation, artificial and real need through mental development. They have to learn culture and civilization. They have to learn that man’s position in society depends not only on money but on purity of heart, honesty, service, courage, good faith, honesty, sacrifice, generosity, goodwill.

Consider money as a means of happiness. It gives happiness in life, but you get everything from money, so it is not the case. Life is many, there are many aspects to it, you should exert your powers in all these directions. People who are engaged in the concerns of earning money day and night, and keep the money together, they are never able to get inner peace. They do not know how important things they destroy in this earning tune. Health, happiness, friendship of true friends, hearty integration of the couple, children of the house are more important than children and money.

There should be an expenditure of decent power in earning. Reduce money greed, craving, and worry. Happiness is not in money. Yes, rupee money sometimes simplifies the path of happiness. One should spend time in developing the virtues of the soul by saving time with hi-hi of rupees. Build your character in such a way that there is never a shortage of money to fulfill the proper needs, and there does not seem to be any need to spend money for the vicious luxury needs. The work of money is not fun for a while; elevating the physical, mental, economic, social, moral, and spiritual condition of every human being.

Extravagance is a disease. Large nobles have become poor due to this. It is only right to leave it. Only the calculation of household budget, income and expenditure can guide us. It is a matter of regret that people have knowledge of their income, monthly salary, but what was spent today? How did it happen? Artificial necessities or luxury-entertainment? Did it make lasting profit or not? Where will you come to spend tomorrow? If nothing happens in the hands, then who will take the loan? In front of whom we will spread our hands? – We do not even consider these questions at all.


Do not be afraid of low income, but spend the same carefully. Keeping a budget carefully and spending a moderate and systematic life by keeping your requirements in mind is the secret of efficiency in life.