Remote Internships for Tertiary Students in the UK

The Rise of Remote Internships for Tertiary Students in the UK

Many businesses are embracing the idea of remote internships as the globe continues to adjust to the new normal of remote work and learning. Remote internships provide tertiary students with a fantastic way to obtain practical work experience without having to move or travel. More and more students can now research numerous internship options from the comfort of their homes in the UK thanks to the growth of remote internships in the UK.

Remote Internships for Tertiary Students in the UK

The COVID-19 epidemic has altered many aspects of life, including how internships are managed. Due to social segregation policies and limitations on physical workplaces, remote internships are becoming more and more common. In the UK, tertiary students can now complete internships while relaxing in their homes. The emergence of remote internships and their advantages for university students in the UK will be discussed in this article.

How do remote internships work?

Internships that let students work from a remote location typically their homes are referred to as remote internships or virtual internships. To execute tasks and communicate with coworkers, they frequently include the use of technology, such as video conferencing and online collaboration tools.

Advantages of Remote Internships

For tertiary students, remote internships have several advantages, including:

Flexibility: Remote internships give students the freedom to work at their own pace and from anywhere they choose, giving them greater convenience and flexibility.

Accessibility: By participating in internships from any location in the world, students have more opportunities to obtain experience in the fields they are interested in.

Cost-Effective: By eliminating the need for travel and other associated costs, remote internships are a more affordable choice for students.

Improved Productivity: Research has shown that remote employees, including interns, are frequently more productive than those who work in an office setting. Students can remain concentrated and productive if there are no office interruptions, no commute, and other variables.

Where to Look for Remote Internships

Finding remote internships in the UK can be done in a number of ways. These consist of:

Online platforms for internships: A lot of these services focus on matching students with distant internships. Internshala, Global Adventures, and Virtual Internships are a few examples.

Job Boards: Remote internships are listed in the search results of job boards like Indeed and LinkedIn.

Networking: Students can network with alumni and experts in the field to find out about chances for remote internships.

How to Succeed in Remote Internships

Remote internships present unique challenges, including the need for self-motivation and communication skills. Here are some tips on how to succeed in remote internships:

Communication is essential: In-person interaction is essential in remote internships. Regular communication with your boss and your team members is crucial. Be sure that you are clear about your objectives, due dates, and expectations. When required, ask questions.


Create a routine: Because working from home might be distracting, it’s critical to create a schedule that works for you. Make a schedule and follow it, and designate a space for it. You’ll be able to focus and keep organised as a result.

Use technology: When it comes to remote internships, technology is your friend. Make sure you have access to all the equipment and programmes you require for your profession and that you regularly use them to communicate with your colleagues.

Be proactive: It’s simple to feel cut off from your team during remote internships. Be proactive and take the initiative to solicit feedback, make suggestions, and give assistance whenever feasible to combat this.

Be involved and motivated: Working remotely can occasionally feel solitary, but it’s crucial to do so. Establish objectives for yourself, monitor your development, and acknowledge your successes.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Remote Internships for Tertiary Students in the UK

What is a remote internship?

A remote internship is an internship that is completed entirely online, with the intern working from their own location rather than being physically present in an office or workplace.

How do I find remote internships in the UK?

There are several online platforms and job search websites that list remote internship opportunities in the UK, such as Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor. Additionally, you can reach out to companies you are interested in working for and inquire about remote internship opportunities.

What are the benefits of a remote internship?

Remote internships offer flexibility and convenience, allowing interns to work from anywhere and eliminating the need for commuting. They also provide valuable experience in remote work, which is becoming increasingly important in today’s job market.

How can I stay motivated and productive during a remote internship?

It can be challenging to stay focused when working remotely, but there are several strategies that can help. Establishing a dedicated workspace, setting clear goals and deadlines, and maintaining regular communication with your supervisor can all contribute to a successful remote internship experience.

How can I make the most of my remote internship?

To make the most of your remote internship, it is important to take initiative, communicate effectively with your supervisor and colleagues, and seek out opportunities for learning and growth. Additionally, networking with professionals in your field and seeking feedback on your work can help you build valuable connections and improve your skills.

How can a remote internship help me in my future career?

A remote internship can provide valuable experience in remote work and demonstrate to employers that you are adaptable, self-motivated, and able to work independently. Additionally, the skills and knowledge you gain during a remote internship can be applied to a variety of future roles and industries


Remote internships provide tertiary students with a flexible and affordable method to obtain experience in the sector of their choice. They also give pupils the chance to practise crucial abilities like self-motivation, time management, and communication. Remote internships are expected to remain a worthwhile choice for students in the UK and all across the world given the rising popularity of remote work.