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The power to relieve diseases is increasing

When frustration, excitement, fear, anger, excitement or other disorder appear, disturb you, at the same time, the organ whose strength is getting high and pure, and determine that now the evil nature will no longer have authority over the mind. Descend deep inside and make a strong wish that the whole body is becoming pure. The impulse of extreme disorder cannot arise in conscience. While sleeping at night, sleep in the mind by instilling the same feeling that the whole body is becoming pure and all the powers are getting attracted in the inner region.

The midpoint of the brain is the location of the middle section between the two ears. At this place, at least ten minutes of insight should be stabilized and at the same time, it should also be determined that the molecules are growing rapidly and the whole body molecules are becoming completely pure without disease. We will never be subjected to futile provocative instinct. We will exercise complete restraint on jealousy, malice, anger. Our brain is being constructed purely. At the time of concentration, keep the mind in a state of extreme peace and resolution and make it resolve. Keep full devotion in mind at the time of concentration. The more reverence you have at the time of practice, the better will be the fruit and result, reverence strengthens strength. At the time of concentration, it is necessary to perform auspicious signs. ‘The power to relieve diseases is increasing’ – By keeping firm on this feeling, a subtle light emerges in the brain. This is the last position.



Construction of new interfaces

The thoughts or feelings that move strongly in the mind are the creation of new molecules of the brain according to the same feelings or thoughts. Each new idea creates a mental path. Repeated repetition of the same idea makes that mental path even wider. Strong thinking creates a new inner world.

In the diseased man, it has become a habit to be stuck with disease, disease and grossly ineffective thoughts. They keep their minds busy in many kinds of anxieties, they do not allow the conscience to come to a peaceful state. Do not let him rise from the lower position. All diseases of humans are due to the low state of conscience. If a sick person changes his frivolous, inadequate, petty position and enters a higher position, then he can awaken his preventive internal strength.

There is only one way to be free from sorrow, disease, from all mental troubles – make your inner state high, be placed on auspicious thoughts, good thoughts, good wishes, joyful aspects of life. Get into your inner space and have a happy vision of the immortal soul and consume the corrupted imagination of sorrow. Orientation towards disease, contemplation of disease makes us sick, his oblivion and imagination of his amazing abilities, contemplation destroys faith disease. Cultivate reverence in the formlessness, purity, excellence of your conscience and throw out the corrupt rites. Keep yourself a center of purity. Say firmly – “Dishonest woes! There is no place in my mind temple for you, how can you enter, I will make you alkali-base in a moment with my purity and purity. ‘

Only the semi-conscious, conscious and very conscious powers of the patient’s mind generate disease by walking on the wrong path, they make necessary changes and prevent diseases by driving the desires, feelings, signals on the right path of health and longevity. . Different components of the body are parts of the mind. The mind itself is an autonomous element that carries out those invisible forces and thought waves which often destroy all mental disorders. In the opinion of today’s psychologist and psychiatrist, Mesmer, Jane, Freud and Jung, etc., the treatment of mental ailments is to bring the patient to a higher mental and spiritual level by motivations by obliterating his physical existence. He says that the patient is truly ignorant of contemplation and mental balance, his mind is a driver who does not have the proper knowledge of the subtle parts of a machine like body. The mental therapist teaches the patient the exact path of mental functioning.