SASSA Grant Payment Dates For November 2021

SASSA Grant payment dates for November 2021 has been released. This post gives details on payment dates for SASSA Grant for the month of November.

SASSA is tasked with distributing various grants to vulnerable individuals and people who have successfully applied for the grant and are beneficiaries of the grant every month.


As the month of November is fast approaching, SASSA is also making ready to make payments for beneficiaries of the various grants.

If you are a beneficiary then it is important to know your SASSA grant payment dates for the upcoming month so that you know when to collect your SASSA grant payments.

SASSA provides financial support to poor and vulnerable South Africans in the form of grants. Many people living in South Africa depend on these grants for their survival.

Below are the SASSA grant payment dates for November 2021:

  • Older Person’s Grants 3 November 2021
    • This includes any grants linked to these accounts
  • Disability Grants 4 November 2021
    • This includes any grants linked to these accounts
  • Foster Care Grants 5 November 2021
  • Care Dependency Grants 5 November 2021
  • Child Support Grants 5 November 2021

Please note that there is no specific payment date for the SRD grant, you can receive the grant at the post office but not on the dates above.

Before going to the post office, ensure that you have received an SMS before heading to the Post Office to collect your grant payment.

This simply SMS will usually give you an update that tells you that your R350 grant has been paid and is ready for collection.

SASSA has said that beneficiaries will receive their grants for the months that they qualify for, keeping in mind that patience is key when it comes to R350 grant payments.

Should you do a SASSA status check on your R350 grant application and it shows that it is approved with no pay date, it means payment has not been processed yet but will be.

SASSA continues to say, “There is no need to rush to withdraw cash on the first day. Once the money is in the account, it will remain there until it is needed”.

You can use the links below to check your status or make your new application.