NWU Courses 2023 - Full List (North-West University Courses) The North-West University has published its NWU courses 2023 full list

NWU Courses 2023 – Full List (North-West University Courses)

NWU Courses 2023 – Full List (North-West University Courses). The North-West University has published its NWU courses 2023 full list.

Prospective applicants who want to apply to study a course at the North-West University can now access the full list of courses offered at NWU for the 2023 academic year.


In this article, we’re walking you through all the NWU courses for 2023 academic year.

NWU Courses For 2023- North-West University Courses Offered

North-West University (NWU) offers all the top university courses studied in South African universities and also at international universities and colleges.

This means, that the courses offered at NWU are internationally recognized and accredited and therefore, are highly in demand for the workforce.

Again, NWU offers undergraduate programs, postgraduate programmes

Again, North-West University (NWU) offer distance learning courses as well as short courses.

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The courses offered at NWU cuts across education to law.

NWU Faculties

North-West University (NWU) have a total of nine (9) faculties. They are;

  • Economic and Management Sciences
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Health Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Law
  • Natural and Agricultural Sciences
  • Theology
  • Business

Under these NWU Faculties are all the fields of studies of each faculty that you can specialize to study.

NWU Courses

Here is the full list of courses offered at the North-West University.

NWU Education Courses

  1. Language Education
  2. Professional Studies in Education
  3. Psycho-Social Education
  4. Mathematics, Science and Technology Education
  5. Commerce and Social Studies in Education

NWU Engineering Courses

  1. Industrial Engineering
  2. Computer and Economic Engineering
  3. Electromechanical Engineering
  4. Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  5. Mechanical Engineering
  6. Chemical Engineering
  7. Mechatronics
  8. Chemical Engineering (Mineral Processing)
  9. Nuclear Engineering

NWU Health Sciences Courses

  1. Human Movement Sciences
  2. Psychosocial Health
  3. Nursing Sciences
  4. Pharmacy
  5. Physiology
  6. Consumer Sciences
  7. Occupational Hygiene
  8. Dietetics

NWU Economic And Management Sciences Courses

  1. Accounting Sciences
  2. Business Sciences
  3. Economic Sciences
  4. Management Sciences
  5. Tourism Sciences
  6. Industrial Psychology and Human Resource Management

NWU Humanities Courses

  1. Communication
  2. Government Studies
  3. Languages
  4. Music
  5. Philosophy
  6. Social Sciences

NWU Law Courses

  1. BA Law
  2. BCom Law
  3. LLB and Extended LLB
  4. LLM Dissertation (postgraduate)
  5. LLM Course Work (postgraduate)
  6. LLD (postgraduate)

NWU Natural And Agricultural Courses

  1. Physical and Chemical Sciences
  2. Biological Sciences
  3. Geo and Spatial Sciences
  4. Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
  5. Agricultural Sciences
  6. Computer Science and Information System
  7. Mathematics and Informatics

NWU Theology Courses

  1. Minister Training
  2. Ancient Language and Text Studies
  3. Pastoral Care
  4. Theology (Open Distance Learning)

All North-West University courses are offered in diploma courses, bachelor’s degrees courses, and master’s degrees.

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NWU Courses 2023 – Full List (North-West University Courses)