how to register for uif online

How To Register For UIF Online?

How To Register For UIF Online? Has it been hectic for you finding out how to register for Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) without visiting the labour office?

Aside from looking for how to register for UIF without moving to any nearest labour branch, what else have you been looking for as far as UIF is concerned?


UIF isn’t just about how to register, however, the fund contains so many aspects and categories that seem beneficial to almost all contributors.

UIF act and UIC act don’t apply to every citizen as you might be thinking before getting in touch with this post.

Employees whose working hours don’t exceed 24 hours in a month do not qualify to register for UIF unless their working hours exceed 24 hours in a month.

Now, let’s take a look at the classes of people who qualify to register for UIF.

  1. A worker whose working hours do not exceed 24 hours cant register for UIF
  2. Learners are also exempted from registering for the scheme
  3. Public servants
  4. And also, foreigners should also note that you may not be able to register for UIF if only you work for an employer on a contract basis.
  5. workers who get a monthly state (old age) pension
  6. Commission-earned employees are also unable to register for the fund

When registering for UIF, the reference number given after registration should be kept well for logins and other purposes online.

UIF Registering has two folds, that is the manual method and the online method. The manual method has to do with you visiting any nearest labour office for registration whilst the online method has to do with sitting in the comfort of your home as the registration is done online.

For the online method, you would need the following before you can access the portal for a successful registration;

  1. you must get a smartphone or computer that is accessible to the internet
  2. you must have an internet access
  3. you must be able to read and write as you fill out your form online

In this article, we will take you through the steps involved in registering for UIF online and other frequently asked questions.

How To Register For UIF Online?

Now let us go through the processes of registering for UIF online without visiting any nearby labour office for manual assistance. 

  1. Select “Registration/register”  after you visit the menu on the left of the uFiling screen.
  2. Register as a commercial employer or a domestic employer. Complete the rest of the form as you follow the prompts.
  3. After these steps, you would receive UIF registration confirmation once registration is completed.

From here, you are good to go without walking any step to the labour office.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many months will UIF pay?

UIF pay when you have full credit days. A day credit is received by a contributor for every four days that a contributor works.

How many times does UIF payout?

You should start earning something after eight weeks of registering. Your money will then be paid every four weeks.


Does UIF Pay a lump sum?

Yes, this is calculated depending on the issue at hand and the number of years you have contributed to the fund.

It’s mostly paid to beneficiaries of a contributor to UIF when he/she passes away.

Are all benefits paid from the UIF tax-free?

Yes, all benefits paid from the fund to its contributors are tax-free.

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In this article, we were able to show you how to register for UIF online without visiting the labour office and some frequently asked questions about UIF.