How To Apply For A Study Permit To Switzerland

How To Apply For A Study Permit To Switzerland

How To Apply For A Study Permit To Switzerland – Switzerland is obviously among the European countries with a high level of education. However, applicants always dream of having their education in Switzerland.

Interested applicants willing to study in any of the schools must provide some basic necessities before applying for a study permit to Switzerland.


Aside from applicants getting their documents for the visa application, they need to follow some procedures to aid their application process. With a careful study of the procedures that will be outlined in this post, applicants will have a successful visa application.

In this post, applicants would be able to know the documents needed for a Swiss study permit application, the procedures involved in the application process as well as other required fees paid by applicants as processing fees.

How To Apply for A Switzerland study permit

There are steps and procedures involved in applying for a Switzerland study permit. Applicants can apply through the online application form on the official website of the consulate or embassy of the applicant’s home country. They can also visit the embassy or consulate of their country or any country in which they hold a legal residence permit.

Follow the steps below to have a successful Swiss student visa application;

  1. Gather the required documents for the Switzerland study permit
  2. Complete the online visa application form or visit the embassy or consulate of your home country to do the paper application
  3. Pay the Switzerland study permit application fee
  4. Schedule an interview or biometrics appointment
  5. Wait for a decision

What Documents Are Needed For A Switzerland Study Permit?

Switzerland student visa application requires applicants to provide some documents that will aid the application process. Before applicants start  either the online application process or visit the embassy or consulate for the application for a Switzerland study permit, they must provide the following documents;

  • Application form for a long-stay visa (Visa D)
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Passport – Valid for three months
  • Letter of acceptance issued by a Swiss university
  • Proof of acceptance issued by a Swiss University
  • Proof of payment of the registration and tuition n fees
  • Proof of sufficient financial coverage of living costs in Switzerland
  • Scholarship/Loan proof – A letter from an institution that all expenses for the study will be covered by the scholarship or loan
  • CV
  • Letter of motivation
  • Commitment to leave Switzerland on completion of studies

Switzerland Study Permit Application Process

After applicants present the requisite documents for the application process of a Switzerland study permit, it is a matter of the consulate or embassy to commence the process of the application.

Basically, applicants are required to provide documents in relation to their personal status that includes their names, address, dates of birth, and other pieces of information.

How Much Does A Switzerland Study Permit Cost?

Applicants would be required to pay an amount for the Switzerland student visa. The student visa cost for Switzerland student visa is CHF 88 which is equivalent to USD 90. Applicants might also be required to pay a processing fee depending on the consulate or embassy to which they apply to.

How Do I Extend My Switzerland Study Permit?

The Switzerland study permit is valid for 12 months. Applicants can extend the duration of their study if they are enrolled for a longer course. Applicants can visit the cantonal immigration office for an extension of their Switzerland student visa.

How Do I Renew My Switzerland Study Permit After It Expires?

Switzerland study permit is renewable but it comes along with a set of documents. To renew your expired Swiss study permit, you would need to meet with the cantonal migration officers to ascertain your renewal. Applicants are, however, advised to apply for their permit application renewal two weeks before the expiration of the previous one.

Applicants are required to prove the following documents to aid the renewal process;

  • Existing residence permit
  • A valid passport
  • Travel documents
  • A letter that states that your permit is about to expire

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We assume this post has been helpful as we encourage all prospective applicants to follow the steps involved in the study permit application process as well as the necessary documents involved in applying for a study permit to Switzerland.