How To Apply For A Study Permit To Spain

How To Apply For A Study Permit To Spain

How To Apply For A Study Permit To Spain – Spain is obviously among the countries with a long tradition of academic excellence. It is never an accident to have your studies in Spain.

To study in Spain, you would need to apply for a study permit and that serves as the only way to sail you through without any scholarship. The process of applying for a study permit to Spain might sound tedious in your eyes but that isn’t the case here.


In this article, we will walk you through the steps by steps process involved in getting a study permit to study in Spain.

Prospective applicants by following the steps listed in this post can ensure that their application is complete and accurate and that they are able to commence their studies in Spain.

How to Apply for Spain Study Permit

To apply for a study permit to Spain you need to consider your home country since your Embassy may have different requirements and processes regarding your Spain student permit.

We recommend contacting your nearest embassy before starting your application to ensure that you have an accurate and genuine process to avoid denial. Applicants can use the National visa application form to apply online or go to the nearest embassy.

Applicants are advised to head to the nearest Spanish Embassy or Spanish Consulate to start their visa application once they have gathered all necessary documents.

  1. Accept an offer
  2. Gather all the required documents for the Spain study permit application
  3. Start the visa application process
  4. Schedule an Interview or Biometrics appointment
  5. Wait for a decision

There are certain requirements that an applicant must produce during the visa application process. Some documents must be added to your application.

The following paragraph will tell you the documents you are required to produce to aid the application process and what applicants are expected to do at each stage of the application process.

What Documents are Required for Spain Study Permit Application?

One of the steps involved in applying for a study permit to Spain is to make sure you gather all the necessary documents that might be needed in the visa application process. Below are the required documents expected from applicants;

  1. A filled-out National visa application form
  2. A valid ID card
  3. A valid Passport
  4. 2 recent passport photos
  5. Letter of Admission
  6. Proof of Health insurance
  7. Proof of Accommodation
  8. Sufficient financial means
  9. The Spain Health control form (FCS)
  10. Notarized Authorization letter
  11. Medical certificate
  12. A clean criminal record certificate

To avoid denial, you are required to prove the above documents without any forgery means.

Spain Study Permit Application Process

Once all the necessary documents have been gathered, applicants must complete the online application form or have their visas applied at the nearest embassy by providing accurate and up-to-date documents.

Applicants are also to provide about their intended studies in Spain including the name of the school and the duration of their program.

How Much Does a Spanish Study Permit Application Cost?

The Spanish study permit application fee varies from country to country. Depending on your country of origin, you might pay high or less. Nevertheless, applicants are expected to pay a Spain visa application processing fee of around €132.


What is the Processing Time for Spain Study Permit Application?

Once you have submitted all necessary documents for processing your study permit, the processing time of your visa can be anything between 1-3 months. In some cases, you might receive your visa within 15 days depending on the workload of the embassy. Applicants are however advised to start their visa application early before the intended date of entering Spain.

How do I Extend my Spain Study Permit?

To extend your Spain study permit beyond the stated period of validity, first, you need to make an appointment with the Extrajeria office in the city where you are studying. You might be required to pay a fee as well as submit some necessary documents.

How do I Renew my Spain Study Permit after it Expires?

When your Spanish study permit expires, you have a grace period of 90 days after your visa expires, but you can request renewal within this period. The processing time for the renewal of the Spain study permit takes four weeks and beyond.

In spite of the renewal of an expired Spain study permit, you may be required to provide some documents in the renewal process as well as pay some fees for your study permit renewal.

As soon as the renewal is done, you can begin your studies in Spain.

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With careful preparation and attention to detail, applicants can ensure that their study permit application is successful. We believe that this article on how to apply for a Spain study permit has been helpful.