How To Apply For A Student Visa To Qatar

How To Apply For A Student Visa To Qatar

How To Apply For A Student Visa To Qatar – Are you a prospecting applicant wanting to have a wide multicultural environment and great academic opportunities? Qatar has many best universities making part of the global best universities.

Having your studies in the Arab world provides students with numerous benefits. In Qatar, English is the second most widely spoken language so many students wouldn’t have a barrier in communication with the local people.


Meanwhile, before successful applicants can stay in the country for their studies, they would have to acquire a student visa which is also termed an educational residence visa.

Well, let’s move through the steps involved in applying for a student visa to Qatar.

Apply to a Qatar university and get your acceptance letter

Applicants are to decide for themselves which University they want to have their studies before enabling the application process. After being accepted at Qatar University, you’ll get an acceptance letter required for the visa application. Without an acceptance letter from any University in Qatar, applicants can’t apply for a student visa to the country.

Below are some notable universities in Qatar;

  • Qatar University
  • Weil Cornell Medical College
  • Georgetown University
  • Northwestern University
  • Carnegie Mellon University

Learn more about student visa applications through the embassy

Applicants can contact the Qatar embassy in your country to learn more about applying for a Qatar student visa or an educational residence visa.

Start online application through the ministry of the interior (MOI)

Applicants are to enable their online application processes via the e-services website of the Ministry of Interior of Qatar. Applicants are to make sure to choose the visa services options at this point.

At this stage, the following details would be needed;

  • Complete name
  • Birthdate and place
  • Phone number and address
  • Passport details

Submit your application documents

Applicants are required to go to the Qatar student visa service center or embassy in their home countries. Applicants may pay some fees to aid the application process at the embassy.

Track your online application

Applicants, who wish to track their applications online have to visit the website of the Ministry of Interior of Qatar. At this stage, applicants are required to enter their application numbers and application date to check their visa application status. Also, applicants who applied through their university can contact the international admissions office to get an update on the Qatar student visa application.

Print your E-visa

Once applicants’ applications are approved, they must go to the MOI website and print their student visa for Qatar. Also, the university through which some applicants applied for a student visa will also send applicants an electronic visa that they can print for travel to Qatar.

Apply for a residence permit

Applicants, upon arrival in Qatar, are to ask for assistance from their host university regarding their residence permit. Applicants have to weeks to a month to apply for this, depending on their university. To complete your resident permit application, you will need to undergo the following;

Applicants might leave Qatar after failing a medical examination.


Frequently Asked Questions On How To Apply For A Student Visa To Qatar (FAQ)

What documents do you need to apply for a student visa in Qatar?

Prospecting applicants for the Qatar student visa application must provide the following documents to aid the application process;

  • Confirmation page from your online application
  • Passport bio-page copy
  • Passport with at least one-year validity and blank pages for visa stamps
  • Two Passport-size photos
  • Affidavit of Financial Sponsor, who will pay for your studies in the country
  • Passport copy or Qatar ID card of your sponsor
  • Proof of the financial capacity of your sponsor
  • Health Evaluation form from a legitimate clinic or hospital in your home country
  • Good conduct certificate or Criminal Clearance from an authorized government agency in your home country
  • Admission letter from your host university

How much money do you need for a Qatar student visa?

Applying for a Qatar student visa or Education Residence visa is free of charge. However, you will need to prove that you have sufficient funding for your studies. This can come in the form of a sponsor from inside or outside of Qatar. You can also self-fund your studies.

For the tuition costs, a credit hour for bachelor studies costs around $200 to $270. Meanwhile, graduate studies cost $590 per credit hour. You’ll also have to pay an application fee of around $55.

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In this post, applicants were taken through the steps involved in applying for a student visa to Qatar coupled with the required documents.