How To Apply For A Student Visa To Australia

How To Apply For A Student Visa To Australia

How To Apply For A Student Visa To Australia – Applications are open to applicants who are willing to have their studies in Australia through a student visa application.

Reports have it that Australia is the world’s third most popular destination for international students. With a world-class higher education, Australia is considered to be the home of education coupled with different lifestyles and environments that students can write home about after their successful study stays on any of the campuses in Australia.


Well, before you can enter Australia to further your education as a student, you would have to pass through some procedures.

In this article, you would be taken through the steps involved in applying for a student Visa to Australia.

Applicants are to study the steps below to have their application done;

Apply to an Australian University and get your acceptance letter

Applicants of the Australian student visa are advised to know/decide the University they want to study before commencing the application process. Acceptance letters will be given to applicants once they have been accepted by any Australian University.

Check if you need a student visa for Australia

Applicants from New Zealand are advised not to process any student visa to study in Australia, meanwhile international applicants are to apply for a student visa before they can enter Australia.

Visa applications to Australia can vary from different angles depending on the applicant’s nationality. So, it is always convenient for applicants to start the application process after they have received an acceptance letter from any of the Australian Universities.

Find out what type of visa you need to study in Australia

Applicants are to find the type of visa they would need for the Australian student visa application by using the official online platform.

Applicants are to use the above link to fill in their country of origin to get a list of requirements for their visa application. Also, applicants can register for a medical exam before applying for a visa. Applicants may be asked to provide the following;

  • Attend a visa interview 
  • Provide evidence that you don’t have any criminal records
  • Provide more information
  • Take a medical

NB: applicants are likely to provide biometrics during the visa application process, but some countries may be exempted. Applicants’ biometrics are an extra identification method (e.g. fingerprinting and pictures) that countries use for security purposes.

Language requirements for studying in Australia

Applicants for the Australian student visa are required to prove their English skills with the result of an accepted English language test;

  • IELTS Academic
  • PTE Academic

Documents required for the student visa in Australia

  • A complete application form
  • Passport in original and copy
  • Letter of acceptance from the University you applied to
  • Evidence that you can financially afford your studies (62,222 AUD/year which includes tuition fees, travel costs, and living costs)
  • Australian accepted health insurance that covers your stay in the country
  • English proficiency test results
  • Criminal record verification results
  • Proof that you paid the 620 AUD visa fee (unless exempt)

Frequently Asked Questions on an Australian student visa

Are there currently any restrictions on the number of hours student visa holders can work in a fortnight?

Holders of Australian student visas can work temporarily over their normal limit of 40 hours per fortnight during term time across all sectors of the economy. As soon as students arrive in Australia, they can begin to work and not wait until their course starts.

What will happen to my visa if I don’t continue my study?

Applicants can apply for another type of visa that is more aligned with their intentions.


Who can I contact if I have any questions about my visa?

Applicants with questions in relation to the Australian visa for students can contact the department of Home Affairs via one of the options listed on their website:

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In this article, we outlined the steps involved in applying for a student visa to Australia coupled with other vital information as well as frequently asked questions on an Australian student visas.