Does UIF Money Expire If I Do Not Claim

Does UIF Money Expire If I Do Not Claim? – Answered

Are you asking yourself the question does UIF money expire if I do not claim it? Well, you are not alone as many people who are also beneficiaries of UIF keep axing themselves the same question.

Usually, beneficiaries, who do not claim the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) benefits in time, are the ones who are faced with wanting to know if the UIF benefits expire if not claimed on time.


It is very important that you know exactly when your benefit is paid and when to make claims for the UIF benefits money so that you won’t find yourself in a situation that prevents you from claiming it.

so in this article, we are going to show you what to do to claim your Unemployment Insurance Fund benefits and also answer the question does UIF money expire if I do not claim?

About Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF)

UIF benefit is money paid by the South African government to people who are unemployed, with the aim of protecting employees and providing short-term financial relief for employees who are out of their jobs.

Only those whose employers have registered them and paid their Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) can claim UIF benefit money when they are unemployed.

Before we go ahead, if you are new to UIF, we recommend that you check out this post on How To Apply For UIF Benefit and get yourself registered before you can claim your benefit.

For existing UIF beneficiaries, you can go ahead and check this post on How to Claim UIF Benefit Online to know how you can easily claim your benefit.

Again, if you are unsure that you qualify for Unemployment Insurance benefits, you must check this page to Determine if You Qualify for UIF Benefits. 

Not sure if your UIF benefits have been paid yet? You can go ahead and Check your UIF Status Online to see when you will be paid your benefits.

Does UIF Money Expire If I Do Not Claim?

Yes, unclaimed UIF money expires. However, if your UIF money expires because you have not claimed it, you can still go ahead to claim the unclaimed money.

You will have to contact UIF about your unclaimed money and they will assist you with what you should do to get the money.

What Happens To Unclaimed UIF Money?

The South African government and the Department of Labour send all unclaimed UIF Money to the Unclaimed Benefits Fund.

The Unclaimed Benefits Fund is set aside by the Development of Labour to accumulate and save all unclaimed UIF Benefits. 


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So far, we are very sure that you know a lot about UIF and all you have to do to ensure you receive your benefit.
In this post, we answered the question does UIF money expire if I do not claim? and looked at what happens to unclaimed UIF benefits.