Best Public Universities In Denmark

Best Public Universities In Denmark

Best Public Universities In Denmark – Universities in Denmark join the global challenge of the best global universities. Denmark has been the research hub for most international students. Most International students gain impactful research works via some Universities in Denmark.

The higher education system of Denmark is represented by 63 Universities with 991 study programs, 717 Bachelor programs at 63 Universities, 198 Master programs, and 76 Ph.D. programs at 11 Universities.


In the post, we will be listing out the best public universities in Denmark, their population size, their ranking as well as the number of international students within them.

University of Copenhagen

The University of Copenhagen is widely noted for its researched-based teaching and interdisciplinary initiatives to support its strong academic communities. Students who have their studies stay in the University are been fed with researchers and opportunities to raise their talent. The University of Copenhagen has 30,326 students with 5,459 of them being international students.

Aarhus University

Aarhus University has a number of 38,000 students of which 2,387 of them are international students. The University has been the second largest University in Denmark, it has five faculties and research activities all over the country and campuses in Aarhus. For over 90 years of its establishment, researchers and students have been generating new knowledge based on its academic research.

Technical University of Denmark (TUD)

The Technical University of Denmark offers technological courses to international students who have little knowledge of technology. The University has been optimistic about fulfilling the vision of H.C. Orsted – the father of electromagnetism who developed and created value using the natural sciences and the technical sciences to impact societies. The Technical University of Denmark has a total number of 9,321 students of which 2,144 of them are international students.

Aalborg University

Aalborg University also takes the 4th position as the best public University in Denmark. Alborg has a number of 16,519 students of which 2,147 of them are international students. Aalborg University is also noted for its academic-based research among students and researchers.

Aalborg University Esbjerg

The Aalborg University board is the highest authority of Aalborg University (AAU), and the University’s rector is responsible for the day-to-day management of AAU. Aalborg University has a student population size of 19,410.

Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

International students with little knowledge of business studies can opt for CBS in case of finding themselves wanting to what public business school in Denmark might suit their career. Copenhagen Business school takes 251 positions in the global Universities ranking. It has over 16,000 students of which 4,159 of the students are international students.

University of Southern Denmark

The University of Southern Denmark which ranked number 7 as the best public university has its research, teaching, and communication grouped into five academic faculties which consist of the faculty of Humanities, the faculty of science, the faculty of Business and social sciences, the faculty of health sciences, and the faculty of engineering. The University of Southern Denmark has a total number of 27,000 students of which 1,250 of them are international students.

Roskilde University

Roskilde University is highly noted for its problem-oriented approach to knowledge creation. RUC takes the 8th position in Denmark and 801 positions as the best public university in Denmark and the best public University globally respectively. It has a total number of 6,409 students of which 1,025 of them are international students.

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In this post, we outlined the best public Universities in Denmark and the number of students enrolled.